SixBlindKids – Fancy Dog Bones, Autistic Stimming, and Latin Chicken

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In this video, Dad picks up Hannah from work, and they decide to bring home some fancy dog bones for  @ArnieTheBeagle . Hannah helped make the dog bones, and she describes the detailed process in how she helps make them. It is interesting how she describes the process in words so that visually impaired can understand it.

Mom picks up Jesse from the school bus and she demonstrated lots of autistic stimming behaviors, both stressful stimming and then happy stimming once she gets home.

You can order dog treats from Cameron’s Chocolates here:

Dad comes home to a delicious Latin Chicken dinner that Mom cooked in the crockpot because our oven is STILL broken. Does anyone know anyone at Bosch/Thermador (BSH Home Appliances)?

Hannah was born blind without eyes and was adopted from Korea when she was 2 years old.

The recipe for the AllRecipes Latin Chicken is here:

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