SixBlindKids – Abi Has The Sniffles – What Song Is Jesse Singing?

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Abi is home from school because she’s not feeling well and is congested and she tells Mom all about it. She has come SO far on her language language development in the 20 months we’ve been on YouTube. It’s quite amazing!

Jesse is happily singing along with her stimming, and it takes Bethany and Mom quite a while to figure out which song she is singing. Leave a comment below when you know what the song is!

Bethany tries some air fried onion rings from the new Cuisinart Air Fryer. You can get the same air fryer here from Amazon (referral link):

@ArnieTheBeagle¬† is just back from his neutering procedure, so he is wearing his Elizabethan collar, otherwise known as the “Cone of Shame”, but he is in good spirits! We had to buy him a new kennel because he couldn’t fit inside his old kennel with the collar on. Dad surprised him with a new squeeze/squeaky toy that he just loves!

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