SixBlindKids – Independence Skills – One Step, Two Steps… (It’s PAINFUL Sometimes!)

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The kids, who were all born blind, learn independent living skills one step at a time. The key is always advancing. Sometimes we hit plateaus. But with time and patience, important independent life skills are learned and celebrated. Even @ArnieTheBeagle, has to learn about independence, learning when its okay to expand his boundaries and experiences. Sometimes it painful to watch, but progress is always being made. Everyday life presents its own challenges, so we take every opportunity to teach and expand skills, just as part of the everyday routine.

In this video, David discloses his college major, and nonchalantly tells how he took an Uber to the dentist to meet up with Mom. Bethany and Abi had interviews to get their Metro Access permits. This is our local para-transit service that provides door-to-door transportation in our community for people with disabilities. Getting the Metro Access permit is a monumental rite of passage, in more ways than one, one that big sister Hannah and big brother David have already experienced. They have all come so far.

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