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SixBlindKids – Obed’s $13000 Bed! – Blindness/Autism/Cerebral Palsy/Intellectual Disabilities

Obed, who is 13, was born blind, and has cerebral palsy, autism, and severe intellectual disabilities, also has an amazing safety bed made by SleepSafe Beds ( But its NOT A CAGE (as a few viewers have tried to claim)! His amazing bed avoids the 7 major entrapment hazards identified by the FDAA in a typical adjustable hospital bed. Insurance companies like to push dangerous beds on kids like Obed because they are cheaper.

Obed’s Sleepsafe Bed had a price of over $13,000, but thanks to quarterly giveaway sponsored by SleepSafe Beds, we won a $10,000 credit on his customized bed. Our county’s Department of Family Services picked up the ~$3000 balance as a “need” benefit to Obed as we had adopted him from the foster system.

If you have a need for a bed like this for your son or daughter, you can enter the quarterly contest at SleepSafe Beds here:

Note: We are not sponsored in any way by SleepSafe Beds and receive nothing for our mentioning their bed on this video.