SixBlindKids – Morning Routine – Mom And 6 Kids – Back To School

It’s the first day of school where we live, and most of the kids had school changes, so there are many routine and bus changes. And with a family of six blind kids, and some with other special needs such as non-verbal autism, changes to the routine set things in a different motion. Its up to Mom to guide the family ship and get everybody on the right buses, fed, clothed, and with all of the right supplies!

When Jesse (born blind and with non-verbal autism) has one of her meltdowns, Abi reacts as she often does, it makes her sad and upset. But she hangs in there for this morning, and mom points everybody out the door with a small and a cheerful voice!

Hannah, born blind with no eyes, has a catering job at her work this morning, so she has to have Dad take her to work early, rather than her usual para-transit van commute.

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