SixBlindKids – Blind Autistic Jesse Gets A New Bedroom Remodel/Renovation!

Jesse, who was born blind, and has non-verbal autism, needs her bedroom remodeled. She has made holes in the drywall in her room, not from being aggressive, but just by trying to push the wall out of her way with her feet!

Mom and Dad are tackling this project on their own, DIY-style. We’ve ordered 1200 pounds of custom beadboard kit wood and trim from American Beadboard (this video is NOT sponsored). The beadboard panels are 5/8″ thick, and adding that to the drywall walls should make her room more solid, weighty, sturdy, and hopefully comfortable, secure, and safe.

Jesse’s oldest sister Hannah joins us for a couple of segments on her “Gotcha day”, 22 years after her adoption arrival to our family from Korea, and spills the beans on her Mom and Dad’s ages!

Jesse is 18, and was adopted from Korea when she was about 2 years old.

The DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit we mention is available for purchase here:

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