SixBlindKids – Sick Day, Snow Day And The Pokky Monster!

Obed, who is 13, and Jesse, age 18, were both born blind. They’re both sick today so staying home form school. Add that to a snow day and you’ve got time for some fun activities at home. Abi sings the National Anthem, Hannah peels some eggs, and polishes off a whole box of Green Tea-flavored Pokky snacks sent in by a subscriber, and Jesse enjoys a pillow toss contest whole “watching” cartoons on TV.

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  1. To preface, I am having to leave a comment through your blog because YouTube won’t let me post comments directly. I wonder if other people who comment regularly have this issue.
    I love how despite being sick, Jessie and Obed are still happy. Abi did a great job with the National Anthem. Also, I loved what you said about inclusive language. Even though I still have some usable vision, people are still afraid to use words like “see” and “watch” around me. I reassure them that it’s okay to use those words, and that it doesn’t offend me to use those words. Question: Is Jessie’s sucking a form of sensory stimulation because she is both blind and autistic? Are her sleeping patterns back to normal? Would it be offensive to say that Jessie and Obed are my favorites?W

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