Obed Says Go! Music Therapy On The Patio – Emergence of the 17 Year Cicadas! YUK!

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Mom makes delicious chocolate and peanut butter banana smoothies for the kids for today’s music therapy session on the patio with Zoe. Today is Obed’s lesson. Obed was born blind, has autism, severe intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, and other conditions, but LOVES music therapy! The other kids love it too!

We’ve been watching for the emergence of billions of the 17-year Brood X Cicadas. Our Mid-Atlantic region is in the epicenter of the invasion. They are LOUD and ICKY! ¬†@ArnieTheBeagle¬† knows something is going on, but can’t quite figure it out!

Peanut Banana Smoothie recipe (We substitute chocolate syrup for the honey and use almond milk): https://armagazine.com/3yvKBwR

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