SixBlindKids – Highlights of 2019 – SixBlindKids Family Rewind!

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2019 was such an amazing year for the SixBlindKids.

We started the year at about 4,800 subs and ended the year with almost 75,000 subscribers! Out of about 100 videos we published in 2019, it was hard to pick out just a few to highlight. But certainly the “Behind the scenes” of SBSK’s “Day in The Life” video on our family was a major start to our year. Chris Ulmer stayed with us and filmed for 3 full days, with interviews at over 6 locations all over Northern Virginia!

Our collab with “Roll With Cole and Charisma” was a lot of fun, as was our visit to the Homesteaders Convention where we met several of our favorite YouTubers.

Abi and Bethany both graduated from High School this year, and the kids got some one-on-one time with their parents on outings.

We had three videos that surpassed over 500K views, the “Independence” video, “Obed’s $13,000 Bed” and “Mom of Six Morning Routine – Back To School”! I hope you enjoy this compilation of some of the highlights from our 2019.

If you missed some of the videos, now is a good time to go back and binge to catch up!

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