SixBlindKids – Flashback – Blind Autistic Obed – Adoption/Arrival Day – Meeting The Other Kids!

In this mostly unedited video, we’re sharing Obed’s Adoption/Arrival days into our family 12 years ago. Obed turns 14 this week. Big sister Hannah and Obed share a unique, rare condition: they were born without eyes (bilateral anophthalmia) and now they are brother and sister.

Obed also has cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, non-verbal autism, and other conditions, mostly unknown to us at the time of this video. David, Hannah, and Jesse are all featured in this video.

Abi, who was very new to our family at this time, makes a cameo appearance in the background with our babysitter at the time, RaRa. Bethany had not yet joined our family as of this date.

COPPA Notice: This video is not directed at children. All of the children in this video are now adults (over 18) with the exception of Obed who is now 14 years old. This video is directed to adults interested in the adoption and care of special needs children, and understanding the sibling bonds these children have with each other within a loving and accepting family and society.

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