SixBlindKids – Can We Be Flexible? Learning Life Lessons From Gumby?

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If it’s not one thing, its something else. Life throws you all kinds of curve balls constantly. For someone on the autism spectrum, where routine and consistency is all important, learning how to be flexible is an important skill to master for independence. And, let’s face it, we all can learn to be more flexible when challenges come our way.

In this episode, our water heater has sprung a leak, causing a minor water emergency in our basement. Along the way, there are challenges, seemingly one right after another, that emerge, causing us to have to come up with a flexible solution.

We used the Gumby toy as an example of that flexibility, and as a metaphor for real life, we should be a lot like Gumby, more flexible than not. The Gumby character on Saturday Night Live played by Eddie Murphy, was actually NOT flexible at all!

Jesse shows off an impressive adaptation skill, using a verbal cue to sing the respective nursery rhyme, something she has never done before. We are always amazed at how music and music therapy helps her learn things she can’t learn any other way.

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