SixBlindKids Roll With Cole And Charisma – Collab!

The SixBlindKids meet up with Cole and Charisma from the RollWithCole and Charisma YouTube channel! We had a great day together, and it was Cole’s birthday coming up, so we celebrated by bringing him a gift bag of treats from Hannah’s workplace, Cameron’s Coffee and Chocolates.

We visited National Harbor and rode The Capital Wheel, a giant ferris wheel with great views overlooking the Potomac River.

Cole and Charisma are an interabled couple, Cole is a quadriplegic, and an interracial couple and they share their lives together on their vlog with a message of “Stay Positive!”

Please go visit and subscribe to Cole and Charisma’s channel here:

And go watch their video about our day together here:

You can find out about Hannah’s workplace, Cameron’s Coffee and Chocolates, and find out about their mission to employ persons with physical and developmental disabilities at their website or visit their online store at
Their Facebook page is here:
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This video was NOT sponsored by Cameron’s Coffee and Chocolates or any other sponsor.

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