SixBlindKids – Mustard For Punishment? A Blind Girl’s Bumpy Adoption Journey

Sometimes the path home isn’t as rosy as we would like it to be. Every adopted child has a story to tell, a past with memories. Some are good, some are bad, some are traumatic. In this episode, Bethany, who is 19, and was born blind due to ROP, shares a bit about her adoption journey.

Disruptions in adoption are more frequent than most people expect. One in four adoptions of a child over 3 years old is either disrupted or dissolved. In other words, it fails. There are stories on all sides.

Bethany was adopted from Thailand when she was seven, and joined our family after that initial placement didn’t work out.

We had applied to adopt Bethany directly from Thailand when she was three years old, but we were rejected by the Thai government because we did not meet their standards. We were “too old” and had “two many kids”.

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