SixBlindKids – Monastery Mukbang! Eating Treats Made By Monks!

We take a trip out to the Shenandoah Valley to Berryville, Virginia, the home of the Holy Cross Abbey, a monastery of Trappist monks. We visit the Cool Springs Cemetery chapel and the Abbey gift shop and buy a bunch of their food products, including their world famous fruit cake!

If you want to skip ahead to where we actually taste the products, go to 13:15 in the video!

When we got home, we decided to do a Monastery Mukbang, open everything up and do a taste test of all of the items, including truffles, cinnamon honey, cranberry conserve, asiago cheese crisps, and cranberry orange biscotti, in addition to the world famous fruit cake.

The monks’ website is and you can order the bakery products online at

SixBlindKids is NOT sponsored by the monks or anyone else. We’re not sure the monks sponsor YouTube channels; they probably don’t even watch them, but you never know!

There was a PBS documentary about the Holy Cross Abbey done a few years ago. You can watch that here:

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