SixBlindKids – Harpers Ferry Family Road Trip and Puppy Update!

On a cloudy day, the SixBlindKids family take a ride out to the countryside, past Lucketts where Mom did her “vintage hip” shopping trip and end up in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. This is a typical family “drive-by” vacation! it was late in the day and we had already spent our morning out and about at Lucketts (see this video:

We make a stop at Chick-Fil-A,; Mom and Abi just went there on a special day out recently (see this video: and then check out the historic district of Harpers Ferry, where the Shenandoah River and the Potomac River join into one into the Potomac.

Mom and Dad give a rescue puppy adoption update, then everybody enjoys some huge “kiddie” ice cream cones and cups at “The Drippity Cone” in Boyce Virginia (near Berryville).

For our blind and visually-impaired users, during the music-only segments, the video is showing fast time-lapse GoPro footage from the van windshield of our road trip, the green countryside, hills, mountains, and rivers.

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