True Artists – Amazing Subscriber Art And The Piano Guy (*Emotional*)

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People around us have such amazing talents, and most of us never find out what makes each person unique and a blessing to the world. One of our subscribers, Elizabeth, who has autism, sent us some portraits she did of our family last year. We have posted some of Elizabeth’s portraits on our Patreon site, but wanted to feature them in a special way in our home. Elizabeth has a Facebook page and you can support her there:

Our piano needed tuning, so we called Eddie Paik, a local “custom shop”, and found out that he and is wife have amazing musical and artistic talents. Eddie’s wife Erica has a YouTube channel teaching piano to kids, Pocket Tutorials for Music. You can subscribe to Erica’s channel here:

The full documentary feature about Eddie by Imago Films is here: and you can subscribe to Eddie’s personal YouTube channel here:

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