2020 Hindsight – Never Before Seen Footage, Outtakes And A Shocking Revelation

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2020 is officially in the record books, THANK GOD! We took a lot of videos this year that we DIDN’T publish on YouTube for various reasons, explained in this video. It has been a challenging year for everyone!

Mom and Dad take a look back at 2020 in hindsight, and show you clips of NEVER SEEN FOOTAGE from videos from this year! So many things happened before and after the pandemic and we break them down here. We had home repairs and renovations, school and IEP issues, adapting to lockdown and community connections, and the big blow up and backlash over Myka Stauffer’s adoption disruption and our, what we thought was, a sensible and mature response to that situation.

We just published over 30 of these full, mostly uncut videos with limited editing, from these clips and more exclusively on our Patreon page, https://patreon.com/sixblindkids

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