SixBlindKids – AllRecipes App for iPhone – Is It Accessible For a Blind Cook? Well, Maybe…

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We’ve been trying to get Hannah to be more independent in our kitchen, and accessing recipes easily as a person who is blind or visually impaired is *really* important. Mom uses the ¬†@Allrecipes¬† app and website for almost all of our family meals, so it was logical for us to give the app a try and see if Hannah could use it, and whether it had the accessibility features properly implemented. Well, like most everything else, getting everything to work correctly is a bit HARDER than it looks! It took us three days to work out the issues, but hopefully we’ve blazed the trail for other aspiring blind cooks and kitchen helpers in using #AllRecipes!

Hannah was born blind and is on the autism spectrum (Aspergers Syndrome) and was adopted from Korea when she was two years old.

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