SixBlindKids – Our Trip Was Cut Short!

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We filmed this before most everything was shut down, so please continue to watch our next few videos as the COVID-19 situation evolves and affects our plans! Please, be kind in the comments!

This was Day 2 of our planned 7-Day Road Trip, and just after our planned visit to the SleepSafe Bed company in Bassett Virginia. You can see our tour video here:

In partnership with SleepSafe Beds, two videos ago, link here,, that the first recipient of a custom SleepSafe Bed from the Amazing Families Foundation ( was none other than Aidan Killen of ¬†@The Killen Clan¬†, a blind and autistic 12 year old boy adopted from the Ukraine! In this video, we have left the factory and are driving on our way to eventually meet up with Aidan’s new bed at his family’s home in Alabama for a big “reveal”.

Things were (and are) changing hour-by-hour on the world stage with respect to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

Join us in real-time as new information we were receiving was changing our plans.

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