SixBlindKids – TWO EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS! On Our Way To SleepSafe Beds – Road Trip Day 2 (of 7)

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We filmed this before most everything was shut down, so please watch the next few videos as the COVID-19 situation evolves and affects our plans! Please, be kind in the comments!

This was Day 2 of our planned 7-Day Road Trip, and we are on our way to visit the SleepSafe Bed company (

In this video we make TWO EXCITING LIFECHANGING ANNOUNCEMENTS! First, we are happy to announce that the first recipient of a custom SleepSafe Bed from the Amazing Families Foundation ( is none other than Aidan Killen of  @The Killen Clan , a blind and autistic 12 year old adopted from the Ukraine! Special thanks to SleepSafe Beds for partnering with us to do this!

Secondly, because of a recent $3000 donation to our foundation from a Donor Giving Fund, we are able to completely fund our foundation’s first “Weighted Blanket” project and our first “Adaptive Clothing” project, as well as boost our funding for the next SleepSafe Bed recipient.

The Product Giveaway consideration entry form is here:

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