SixBlindKids – Blind Girl Birthday Lunch Date With Dad – Mom Gets A New Air Fryer!

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It’s Hannah’s 25th Birthday, and she decided to take a day off from work. Hannah, who was born blind without eyes, LOVES Olive Garden, so she and Dad head out for a lunch date to celebrate. She loved the corkscrew pasta and chicken gnocchi soup. And the wonderful people at Olive Garden surprised Hannah with a Chocolate Brownie Lasagna dessert that was just AWESOME!

Our double oven at home is broken and we’ve been waiting for the repairman to come with replacement parts that will actually work to fix the oven, but in the meantime, Mom’s been having to cook on the stove top or the crock pot. So Hannah and I head to Bed Bath and Beyond to shop for a new Cuisinart Air Fryer/Toaster Oven combo for Mom.

Here’s a link to the Air Fryer we bought at a really good price from Amazon:

Hannah was adopted from Korea when she was 2 years old.

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