SixBlindKids – Afternoon Routine – Mom Of Six – First Snow Day

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Ever wonder what an afternoon routine for a mom of six kids is like? How about on the first snow day of the year? Mom just got dozens of emails and text messages from the teachers and the school that school is letting out two hours early because of an impending SNOW STORM! The forecast says only an inch or two, but at rush hour in Northern Virginia, that means that everyone must SPRING INTO ACTION! That also means heading to the grocery store for the obligatory supplies, milk, bread, toilet paper, etc! Mom thinks its a conspiracy between the weathermen and the grocery stores to make you buy stuff you don’t need! So as the storm develops, the kids come home from school and work, and settle in for a home-cooked Thai Chicken Curry that mom is preparing in the crockpot because OUR OVENS ARE BROKEN!

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