SixBlindKids – Bethany – Blind Girl Eats With Chopsticks – Responding To COPPA Hoopla!

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Mom takes Bethany to a dentist appointment and finds herself out in the van alone as Bethany wanted to do her appointment independently. Hooray for her! So Mom gives our response to the hoopla surrounding the COPPA regulations and “made for kids” content. Most of the hysteria by creators about this is WAY overblown!

Mom and Bethany, who was born blind, head over to Pei Wei for some Asian food, and Bethany orders a traditional Thai meal.

Bethany was born in Thailand and came to the United States when she was 7. We adopted her shortly thereafter. She is 20 years old now. She gives eating with chopsticks a try, and as you can see, she is quite efficient at it. Consider that she’s never seen anyone eat with chopsticks, and hasn’t used them in over 13 years, it’s pretty remarkable!

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