SixBlindKids – Roof Leaks, Life Lessons, And Living In Darkness

A big storm hits our area, and our new Beagle puppy, Arnie, discovers water on the floor. Mom thinks, at first, that it is “Arnie” that caused the moisture! He is just learning how to relieve himself outside! But just like the unsung hero that he is, Arnie shows Mom the water leak, causing Mom to do an impromptu home tour looking for additional leaks. And she finds more!

Every storm, every season, provides opportunities for life lessons, and this one does not disappoint.

Turning the lights off provides its own opportunity for a life lesson, a reminder of what it must be like to live without being able to see anything. To those of us who are sighted, we usually take it for granted. For those who are blind, like our six kiddos, its just another routine day.

Arnie has his own YouTube channel, so you can watch videos about him specifically. You can subscribe to the ArnieTheBeagle YouTube channel here:

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