SixBlindKids – Obed and Jesse Meet Our New Beagle Puppy! (ft. ArnieTheBeagle)

ArnieTheBeagle, our new puppy, is 8 1/2 weeks old, and meeting one-on-one with Obed and Jesse for the first time. Jesse, is 18, was born blind, and has autism and intellectual disabilities. Obed, is 13, and was also born blind but without eyes, and also has cerebral palsy, and severe intellectual disabilities. But they both seem to get along with Arnie right off the bat! We’ve taken it slow at introducing Arnie to the kids, making sure its done in a calm and deliberate manner. No sense in getting either Arnie or the kids, over stimulated.

But these meetups with Arnie were just fine, and big sister Bethany, who is 19 and was also born blind, helps the younger kids in their first-time puppy exploration.

We adopted Jesse at age 2 from Korea, Obed at age 2, and Bethany from Thailand at age 7.

Arnie has his own YouTube channel, so you can watch videos about him specifically. You can subscribe to the ArnieTheBeagle YouTube channel here:

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