SixBlindKids – Blind Kids Meet Their New Puppy – Can Abi Overcome Her Fear? (ft. ArnieTheBeagle)

We’ve just brought home our 8-week old Beagle puppy, Arnie. We’re introducing him to the kids little-by-little. Abi, who was born blind, and has moderate intellectual disabilities, has had a great and profound fear of animals since she was about 4. We think she may have been nipped, perhaps by a goat, on a school field trip to a petting zoo. In this episode, we introduce her to her new family puppy. Can she overcome her fear, or will this be the WORST IDEA EVER to get a new puppy? You’ll have to watch and see.

Abi was adopted from India at age 3.

Arnie is 8 weeks old as of this video, the first day of his arrival into our family. Arnie has his own YouTube channel, so you can watch videos about him specifically. You can subscribe to the ArnieTheBeagle YouTube channel here:

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