SixBlindKids – We FINALLY Get Our New Beagle Puppy! (ft. ArnieTheBeagle)

Our new Beagle puppy ARNIE is Home! We are very excited. We hope you enjoy his first hour or so as a member of our family. We were purposefully not trying to overwhelm him with a lot of stimulation, so you’ll only see Mom, Dad, Joel, and David in this first of many videos! We’ll introduce him to the other kids in future videos.

We adopted Arnie from a local rescue organization as one of a litter of Beagle puppies. His mom was also a rescue and cared for by a foster mom who raised this litter in her home.

Arnie is 8 weeks old as of this video, the first day of his arrival into our family. Arnie has his own YouTube channel, so you can watch videos about him specifically. You can subscribe to the ArnieTheBeagle YouTube channel here:

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