SixBlindKids – Is He Our Newest Family Member?

As many of you know, we’ve been trying to find our newest canine family member for the past few months, and we’ve faced some interesting hurdles and obstacles! We’ve had our heart set on a puppy, a “hound” puppy to be specific. Maybe, just maybe, this little guy will be the one. He’s 7 weeks old in this video, and he can’t leave his mom for another week. This is the first day ANYONE has seen this litter of Beagle pups, so there were MANY families who came at the same appointment time to preview these pups at the foster mom’s home.

We submitted our application for this little guy, and until we’re approved and actually bring him home at last, we’re not going to name him. We’ll know more in a week or two, the rescue agency has to come out to our home for an inspection.

We’re open to adopting the mom dog also, but we’re second in line to adopt her. We’ll see how this all turns out!

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