SixBlindKids – Blind Girl Sent To An Optometrist For Eye Exam! 😂😱🤦‍♀️🕶️

Yes, it’s true! Abi, our 18-year old daughter who was born blind (with crytophthamia) and has absolutely no light perception (in other words she is TOTALLY BLIND), was sent to an OPTOMETRIST for an eye exam! Even though our state and local agencies have KNOWN ABI SINCE SHE WAS 4 YEARS OLD, they still have to have us jump through the hoops to have THEIR CHOSEN OPTOMETRIST acknowledge that she is indeed blind! What can we do except to join in the fun and make a daddy-daughter date of it?

In addition to blindness, due to Fraser Syndrome, Abi also has moderate intellectual disabilities, but it doesn’t prevent her from enjoying life, and a iced coffee with dad! Abi was adopted from India when she was 3 years old.

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