SixBlindKids – We’re Building A Wall! Will It Keep Jesse Safe?

Over the years we’ve had a couple of close calls with the SixBlindKids kids testing the balcony and the abyss below. So, after much planning, we decided to close off our balcony overlooking the two-story foyer and provide a safe, echolocation-friendly hallway for Jesse (and Obed) to navigate safely, and improve their independence and mobility in our home. We used a local contractor, Oak Hill Building & Remodeling (

This video is NOT sponsored by Oak Hill Building & Remodeling.

For our visually-impaired users: The parts in the video that have music and no dialogue are timelapse sequences of our two carpenters, Jose and Carlos, taking down the old balcony railing, taping the wood floors to protect them, building the scaffolding, climbing the scaffolding and building the frame of the wall above the foyer, hanging the drywall, finishing the drywall, and cleaning up after the project.

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