SixBlindKids – Bethany And Jesse Try International Snacks From Australia And Japan!

The SixBlindKids have been overindulging in the snacks we opened in our last Mailtime video. In this episode, Bethany and Jesse try some Pocky’s and some Cheezel, from Japan and Australia respectively an do a “taste test”. Mom can’t resist “wearing” the Cheezels on her fingers like rings, which is apparently what the kids do in Australia with them.

Will Jesse, our picky eater, eat either of them? You’ll have to watch and see!

Jesse is 18, was born blind, and has autism and intellectual disabilities. She “slurps” as a method of “stimming” and she has major sensory issues, especially as it relates to food and drink. We adopted Jesse from Korea when she was two years old.

Bethany is 19 and was born blind in Thailand. We adopted her when she was 8 years old. She loves food, especially snacks and sweets!

A special THANK YOU to our subscribers Joanne in Australia and Tiffany in Japan for sending us such wonderful and tasty treats!

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