SixBlindKids – 30,000 Subscribers! Mailtime! Opening Mail From Subscribers!

It’s been a little while since we’ve opened subscriber mail! With David away at college, we don’t have a lot of time when everyone is available, but he’s back home for the summer, so here we go! We also wanted to celebrate our subscriber milestones, like 20,000 subs, 25,000, subs, and 30,000 subs, but we keep (unexpectedly) climbing quickly past those levels! THANK YOU to all of our new viewers and subscribers! A warm welcome to you!

We also wanted to wait for some of our sample merch to come in. Our Teespring store shelf is below our videos on YouTube, or visit the link below.

We want to thank everyone for sending in such fun and creative mail for us to open. The kids (and secretly Mom and Dad) really enjoy opening your mail and packages! It truly is a delight! Our PO Box is listed in the description of every video if you want to send us something.

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