SixBlindKids – Choosing A Puppy Perfect Match – Are We Ready For A New Dog?

Choosing A Puppy Perfect Match – Are We Ready For A New Dog?

We’ve adopted several rescue dogs over the years with great success. In this video, Mom and Joel head out to our local humane society to preview a few dogs and puppies that were on our list, and to see the ages, breeds, and mixes they have available for adoption. Mom likes hound dogs and has her heart set on a puppy, but a young dog with a gentle temperament might be good also. There are couple litters of hound dogs, and mastiff / pit bull mix puppies, and some younger adult dogs.

Finding the right dog or puppy for the family is a big responsibility, and we haven;t embarked on this lightly. Mom and Joel have done this before, and once we narrow down the choices, we’ll introduce the rest of the kids into the process.

Selecting the right breed or breed mix is important. We would like a medium-sized dog with short hair and a friendly personality who would be a good companion pet as well as a family protector and guardian.

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