SixBlindKids Ride A Live Steam Train Locomotive – Strasburg Rail Road – Amish Country – Lancaster PA

SixBlindKids Ride a Live Steam Train Locomotive, the Strasburg Rail Road in Amish Country, Lancaster County, PA.

The kids had no idea where we were taking them for today’s adventure, so we started out in the early morning and headed for Pennsylvania. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and had some of their special Peeps donuts that they have out for the Easter season!

As we drove around Amish country in Lancaster County, we enjoyed seeing the traditional Amish farms and the Amish horse-driven buggies. We almost witnessed a terrible Amish buggy crash, but thankfully it was just a “near-miss”! But it was nerve-wracking just the same! Why do people try to pass on DOUBLE-YELLOW lines???

According to the Strasburg Railroad website, the steam engine is a Canadian National No. 89 locomotive built in 1910.

We enjoyed a very long, adventure-filled day and hope you enjoy coming along the ride with us!

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