SixBlindKids – Celebrating 10,000 Subscribers, Mailtime, And Ask Your Questions!

The SixBlindKids flew right by 10,000 subscribers and ended up with 11,000 before we had a chance to celebrate, so we made the most of it and celebrated 11,000 subscribers to our channel!

We opened subscriber mail for the second time, and we are now opening up the comments for subscribers to ask those burning questions you’d like the answers to. You can also enter assumptions that you make about us. We’ll address as many as we can in a future video, but NOW is your chance to ask and submit your questions or assumptions!

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  1. Watching your videos gives me hope that this world does have moving, compassionate , and 100 % genuine people in it. You inspire me to be a better parent by watching how great you both are as parents to every one of your children. Thank you for sharing.

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