SixBlindKids – Obed – Casting For New Orthotics (AFOs/Leg Braces)

Obed, who was born blind without eyes (bilateral anophthalmia), and who also has cerebral palsy, autism, intellectual disabilities, and other conditions, is at the Hanger Clinic getting his legs cast for a new set of AFOs (ankle foot orthotics), also called “leg braces”. The AFOs keep his ankles in a neutral (90 degree) position and allow him to walk without walking on his toes. Obed, like many kids with cerebral palsy and autism, need AFOs to train their leg and ankle muscles and to assist them in walking correctly.

Once a cast is created, the AFOs are molded and built off-site, and then the are fitted to Obed’s feet and legs and feet. Obed needs a new pair of orthotics about once a year as his feet and legs grow. The orthotics slip into a pair of shoes, sized to accommodate both the foot and the orthotics. This brand of shoes that Mom likes and mentions in the video is called Keeping Pace, (Note: We are not sponsored by Keeping Pace, nor do we receive compensation for recommending them.)

Obed is of Ghanaian descent and was adopted when he was around 18 months old.

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