SixBlindKids – Pronouncing The Alphabet AS ONE WORD CHALLENGE and Jesse Says Mama

The kids, who were all born blind, are hanging out with each other and demonstrate how they learned to pronounce the alphabet forward and backwards AS ONE WORD by using the voice synthesizer feature on their BrailleNote braille notetakers.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tonight we are announcing the “SixBlindKids: Are You Able to Pronounce the Alphabet AS ONE WORD?” CHALLENGE!!!

Here’s how it works: Tonight, the video we are posting, “SixBlindKids – Pronouncing The Alphabet AS ONE WORD and Jesse Says Mama” demonstrates how the SixBlindKids can pronounce the Alphabet AS ONE WORD, both Forward and Backwards!

The steps to the challenge is to:

1) Make a Video for your channel or your social media account demonstrating that YOU ARE ABLE TO PRONOUNCE THE ALPHABET AS ONE WORD!
2) Post your video to your YouTube channel or other social media, naming WHO TAGGED YOU for the challenge, or if you just decided to take on the challenge without being tagged, you can mention SixBlindKids for challenging you!
3) Tag 4 other channels to complete the challenge! (you can tag them privately if you prefer).
4) Send the link to your video to us at and we’ll post it on our Facebook pages for others to enjoy.

Hopefully this will be the first in a whole series of “ARE YOU ABLE?” challenges to spread a POSITIVE word about the abilities everyone has, even those in our community who have disabilities!

Jesse, who was born blind, and is autistic, and non-verbal, says “Mama” a whole bunch of times, and the words, “Hannah”, “OK”, and “face” sprinkled in there. Jesse’s vocabulary has been improving quite a bit in the last two years, we think primarily due to music therapy.

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