SixBlindKids – Jesse Sees The Doctor And Eats Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Jesse, who was born blind in Korea and adopted at age 2, heads to the doctor for a regular appointment with Mom and Dad. In addition to being blind, Jesse is autistic, non-verbal, and has intellectual disabilities. She also does not eat “table food” regularly, other than mountains of Cheerios and her daily prescribed amount of Pediasure, ordered by her nutritionist and doctor, who we are seeing today. We are VERY thankful that Jesse receives her daily sustenance this way and not through a feeding tube.

We have been told by some of our doctor specialists, that there is not an established and reliable “diagnostic test” to identify and diagnose “Autism Spectrum Disorder” in a patient who is both blind and intellectually disabled, as Jesse is. One of the reasons we recorded quite a bit of this video is to document her interactions and behaviors, which are clearly very typical ASD symptoms.


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