SixBlindKids – David – Blind and College Bound – Ep 5 – On Our Way to Dorm Move-In

We’re on our our way to freshman college dorm move-in for David, who was born blind, and then adopted at age 5. We discuss the classes he’ll be taking, especially a “self-paced algebra” class, for which he’ll need adaptive technology for.

He discusses that he hopes to get an “Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Calculator” with an “add-on” provided by the American Printing House for the Blind (  Here’s the link to that calculator:

Of course, the calculator he’s talking about costs $599!!! (The non-talking TI-84 Plus that sighted people use is available from Amazon for $139 with free shipping.) Welcome to the world of adaptive technology for the blind!

For now, he’ll be able to use the BrailleNote notetaker device that he has been allowed to borrow until he is able to obtain his own BrailleSense Polaris device that he is raising funds for via his “GoFundMe” campaign, link here:

If you can, send a few bucks his way so he can purchase his own device so he doesn’t have to rely on “borrowed” equipment.

David’s Blind and College Bound Playlist is available here:

David’s Adoption Story – Episode 4 – (Disruptions and David) is available here:


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